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Beijing Water Terminal

Shandong Laizhou Gold Coast Pontoon

The Suzhou Jing Area

Xuyi County, channel management station

     Suzhou Prime Float Water Engineering Co. a company specializing in the production of water floats. The main material used for production is high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE) which is corrosion resistant, anti-freezing, oxidation resisting, and UV resisting, and can resist the corrosion of the seawater, chemicals, pharmaceutical, oil and aquatic organisms and won\\\\\\'t cause pollution and destroy the environment. The company mainly undertakes the construction of floating platform, marina, floating pontoon, floating leisure platform, speedboat wharf, floating pier, sightseeing platform, floating restaurant, water park, floating hut ,floating stage, floating swimming pool, ferry, cage culture, construction buoys, engineering construction and water recreational facilities and other water engineering constructions......[more]

Suzhou Prime Float Water Engineering Co., Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. Han Zhihua
Mobile Phone:0086 13865855261
Fax:0086 512 66584813